Day: April 30, 2019

NASA Investigation Uncovers Cause of Two Science Mission Launch Failures

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NASA – Launch Services Program (LSP) logo. April 30, 2019 Image above: On Space Launch Complex 576-E at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, Orbital Sciences workers monitor NASA’s Glory upper stack as a crane lifts it from a stationary rail for attachment to the Taurus XL rocket’s Stage 0. Image Credit: NASA. NASA Launch […]

Space Research Continues on Station as NASA, SpaceX Move Off May 1 Launch

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ISS – Expedition 59 Mission patch. April 30, 2019 NASA has requested SpaceX move off from May 1 for the launch of the company�s 17th commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station. On April 29, the space station team identified an issue with one of the station�s Main Bus Switching Units that distributes power […]

Scientists Planning Now for Asteroid Flyby a Decade Away

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Asteroid Watch logo. April 30, 2019 On April 13, 2029, a speck of light will streak across the sky, getting brighter and faster. At one point it will travel more than the width of the full Moon within a minute and it will get as bright as the stars in the Little Dipper. But it […]