Best Features of Fatcow 2019..

Every business in the current situation needs to possess a webpage to survive the cut-throat competition. To create a webpage and to host it, you will need plenty of resources and time too. Not to forget Webhosting is not an easy job to do. But Fatcow, who is a web hosting provider offers reliable services at cheaper rates. They offer services for websites, blogs, commercial domains as well as any personal domains. Fatcow is offering the lowest prices for the package plan of 12 to 36 months. The plans are flexible and it also offers unlimited option packages too. 

Let us look at the incredible features and plans of Fatcow

The striking thing about Fatcow web hosting is that it provides its users with the tools that are needed to develop the website or a blog. The site builders are user-friendly and help to build a professional-looking website easily. The site builder is a time saviour and very useful if you are a beginner. 

Features of Fatcow include the following

  1. It provides inbuilt WordPress management for your website and all your blogs. WordPress will give users access to various themes and plug-ins.
  2. The plans and hosting features are numerous. The features such as SEO integration, option to customize e-mails, social network integration, installation wizard are all available to the users at a cheaper rate. 
  3. Fatcow also provides a unique service called the vDeck control panel. This service when coupled with H-Sphere software enables users to create websites that look professional without having any coding experience.
  4. On the online platform ensuring security for your blogs and website is a very tedious job. They are always under threat from hackers and malware. Thus Fatcow offers security to your websites and blogs. Your data is secured with the help of automated backups and system monitoring software, customer helpline, etc. 
  5. Fatcow offers a free first domain for its users. It charges the user after the first domain. But you can create unlimited domains. 

Fatcow further enables facilities for programming. The coding languages such as python, MySQL, PHP, CGI can all be used by the programmers. The users also avail unlimited storage options and bandwidth, enabling them to have a good hosting experience. It also offers a secure server for transactions and data storage for e-commerce. Various tools such as WordPress, Joomla, Survey tools help bloggers to enjoy their blogging time. They can also increase web traffic and earn revenue by placing Ads from Google and Yahoo. The SEO management tool also gives tips to improve web traffic and lets you place Ads on Facebook and Twitter. 

There are endless benefits of using Fatcow for web-hosting. The main advantage it provides is in its low pricing. It provides extensive tools for both programmers and bloggers. The services are versatile and cheaper than other web hosting service providers. you can also enjoy their 24/7 customer services for queries and services. 

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