HostGator India 2019 Review latest

HostGator has another branch specifically targeted for India and Asia called HostGator India. They are dedicated to provide better service for the webmasters around India and Asia. Let us delve into this HostGator India review details below.

HostGator India Review

You might wonder why there is a need for HostGator India. We hope this HostGator India review will provide you the necessary information about which HostGator version will work best for you. After all, the HostGator US version already exists and is able to provide the necessary web hosting even for those situated in Asia. Their target market is found in India and Asia. The HostGator US version is able to provide web hosting services to those bloggers and webmasters in Indian and Asia. However, the quality of service definitely favors HostGator India for those who are not in the US. HostGator India started in 2011 to serve those customers in India and Asia.

Reasons to why should you try HostGator India

  • The server is suited for Indian and Asian audiences

The servers are located at Singapore and other locations like in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Hyderabad,  and Karnataka, India. This makes it very convenient for the old and new customers alike. It is specifically meant for response times of websites hosted for those from India or Asia.

The HostGator US is capable of web hosting for Indian or Asian audiences. However, the speed and quality is better for those who wanted web hosting services for Indian and Asian audiences with HostGator India.

  • The payment options makes it perfect for the customers who live in India

The advantages of HostGator India is not only limited for webmasters who’s audiences are from India or Asia. For those who actually live or reside in India you are in luck. There are tons of convenient payment options for them like “Bank Deposit” where you can pay up in cash. This means the former payments such as MasterCard, and other means to pay up in the HostGator US are still available if the customer prefers a similar type of payment option. Basically, for those customers who are locals of India, it’s much easier.

In addition, they also allow Indian and Asian customers to also pay up in rupees for paying the services of HostGator India.

  • It improves your Google ranking

Sites hosted by your HostGator India account will have an Indian IP address. This will provide the website hosted in India better search results for Indian searches through Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

  • If you are a former HostGator customer before then why not

If you have been a customer of HostGator, then you their hosted website have over 99.9% uptime. This is absolutely critical for any blog or website. So if you live in India or the audience of your website are from India, you can trust HostGator India to deliver as well as HostGator US.

  • 45 Days Money-back Guarantee

HostGator India and HostGator US back up there reputation.  They give you a full 45 days to try their  services before you have to commit to them long term.  If you are not happy with their web hosting service, then you will get a full refund for the purchase price! With the 45 days guarantee and you have tons of time to experiment and observe its performance. If you are not satisfied you can always just get your money back. However, we are confident you will be happy with your decision with their web hosting services.

  • What if I already brought from HostGator US?

What if you already have an account with HostGator US and you want to transfer your blog or website to HostGator India?  No problem! They will help you transfer your HostGator US website or blog over to HostGator India at no charge. Remember that HostGator India is especially dedicated for webmasters or blogger in India or around Asia. Therefore, if you think those who visit your website won’t be from the US, you should choose to use HostGator India.

In addition, there are other HostGator branches aside from HostGator India.

  • HostGator Brazil
  • HostGator Turkey


Regardless of this HostGator India review, the choice you make in which web hosting service provider should always depend on what you need. As for which HostGator you would like to depend on would depend on where the target audience for the website lives.

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