Expert Wix Review 2019

Wix offers everything you’d expect from a quality website builder. This includes hundreds of easy to customize templates, an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and access to the Wix app market. Regardless of your skill level or technical know-how with Wix, you can create an impressive website in a matter of minutes.

In addition to a quality website builder, Wix offers a selection of tools to help you grow your business. These include SEO features, a reliable ecommerce platform as well as a newsletter builder. And the best part is that Wix is always adding new features so you can rest assured that your website will also be relevant and up-to-date.

Template Selection

It’s not just the selection of templates on offer at Wix that is impressive. You’ll also be amazed at how professional looking they are. Wix has really invested in its templates so that every template on offer, regardless of how simple, seems like it has been custom designed. In addition to an impressive selection of templates, you can also choose between HTML-5 based and flash-based templates. All themes are SEO-friendly and work well on mobile devices.

Design Flexibility

One of the main drawbacks of using Wix is that the templates can be limiting. You cannot, for example, edit the CSS or HTML. This can be frustrating and makes it close to impossible to make certain design tweaks.

However, on the plus side Wix does offer a blank canvas option which lets you create your website from scratch.

This isn’t recommended for complete beginners however. It can also be difficult to change from one template to another so be sure to choose your template wisely.

e-Commerce Features

Looking for an effective user-friendly platform to run your online store? Wix might be what you’re looking for. You can easily create any type of store and can even add a shopping cart without any technical knowledge. Other really useful e-commerce features on offer include the option to accept discount codes and coupons.


Wix lets you create a separate mobile website. In fact, there’s a mobile editor which makes it easy to customize your mobile website without affecting your desktop version.

Of course there are pros and cons to this. While not everyone will enjoy fiddling with two different editors, it can be useful to have to option to create a custom site for mobile.

This gives you more control over your website and ensures your customers will have the best website experience possible.

You can, for example, add a mobile action button to your mobile site making it easier for your customers to get in touch.

SEO Optimization

Wix’s templates adhere and are updated to suit all the major search engine guidelines. This will ensure your website has the best Google ranking possible.

While you don’t need to do anything special to ensure your website gets indexed, Wix does provide tips for best results.

For users with an understanding of SEO, there is an option to optimize your site manually by adding relevant keywords and descriptions to each page.

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