PureVPN Review: Technically Brilliant

PureVPN was founded in 2017 by GZ Systems, Ltd. Their headquarters are located in Hong Kong 36/F Tower Two Times Square, yet it’s original roots come from a different country – Pakistan. In Persian and Urdu language Pakistan means ‘Land of the pure’. Coincidence?

So what do we mean by roots?

The owner and founder of PureVPN is Pakistani. His name is Uzair Gadit.

U. Gadit is also the co-founder of iVDi.com, Kill Ping, Cloudways, Gaditek and tied with another VPN – Ivacy.

U. Gadit

A quick peek into his history brings up another interesting fact – He graduated from NED University of Engineering and Technologies in Electronics Engineering. In his Linkedin profile, he also claims to have gone to Stanford University Entrepreneurship program in 2012.

According to SEMrush PureVPN started to significantly grow traffic at the beginning of 2018:

In 2013, PureVPN had been hit with “Zero logs exploit” for the WHMCS customer relations management. The exploit allows the attacker to access the database via injection.

The attacker sent out fake emails purporting to be Uzair Gadit. Following message was sent out:

Via their official blog, PureVPN reacted to the message and confirmed it was fake:

“We are able to confirm that the breach is limited to a subset of registered users’ email IDs and names.”

After the incident, PureVPN client dashboard was shut down during the investigation.

PureVPN claimed no billing data like PayPal or Credit Card details were leaked. They added that service usage data was left untouched as well.

Another case was brought up in 2017. According to The Register, a man named Ryan Lin was arrested for cyberstalking his former roommate. PureVPN handed over logs to the feds to help with the investigation. PureVPN acted correctly within their privacy policy.

5 Different Protocols

Protocols determine how complex algorithms should be used. The methods protocols designate are key agreement, authentication, secured application level-transport, and secret sharing methods.

The main elements which make each protocol different are speed, security, stability, systems it works with, tunneling methods and ports used.

PureVPN offers 5 protocols:

  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • SSTP
  • IKEv2
  • OpenVPN

No DNS Leaks Were Found

Oxford Dictionary defines DNS as Domain name server, the system that automatically translates Internet addresses to the numeric machine addresses that computer use.

Your DNS is leaking if your machine address is being exposed out of secure VPN tunnel.

To check possible DNS leaks, we use 5 different web tools: Doileak, IPleak.net, Perfect-Privacy, Browserleaks, and IPx.ac. All of these tools show slightly different results, but in our experience, Browserleaks is the most accurate and can reveal the leaks even if the other 4 cannot.

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