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Building Better Life Support Systems for Future Space Travel

By window 0 Comment May 4, 2019

ISS – International Space Station logo. May 3, 2019 Astronauts on future long-duration spaceflight missions to the Moon and Mars could rely on microalgae to supply essentials including food, water and oxygen. A new investigation aboard the International Space Station tests using the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris as a biological component of a hybrid life support […]

Drone Ship Power Issue Forces Scrub of CRS-17 Launch

By window 0 Comment May 3, 2019

SpaceX – Dragon CRS-17 Mission patch. May 3, 2019 This morning�s launch attempt has scrubbed due to a drone ship power issue. The next launch opportunity will be at 2:48 a.m. EDT Saturday, May 4. The launch and postlaunch news conference will air on NASA Television and the agency�s website: Image above: A SpaceX […]

How to resolve Google Drive file sync issues – red cross mark?

By window 0 Comment May 3, 2019

Google Drive is a cloud storage available to all Google Users. If you have a Gmail address, you have Google Drive access too. Every user gets a basic 15GB storage, which is quite sufficient to store your personal files. If you are already using Google Drive, you may already know that it is accessible at […]

Hubble Assembles Wide View of the Distant Universe

By window 0 Comment May 3, 2019

ESA – Hubble Space Telescope logo. 3 May 2019 Hubble�s Spectacular Wide View of the Universe Astronomers developed a mosaic of the distant Universe that documents 16 years of observations from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. The image, called the Hubble Legacy Field, contains roughly 265,000 galaxies that stretch back to just 500 million years […]

Hera�s APEX CubeSat will reveal the stuff that asteroids are made of

By window 0 Comment May 3, 2019

ESA – Hera Mission logo. 3 May 2019 From Earth asteroids appear as little more than dots in the sky. Europe�s miniature APEX spacecraft will operate as a mineral prospector in deep space, surveying the make-up of its target asteroids down to individual boulders, helping prepare the way for future mining missions. ESA�s proposed Hera […]

Robotics Work Successful, Station Returned to Full Power

By window 0 Comment May 2, 2019

ISS – Expedition 59 Mission patch. May 2, 2019 This morning, Robotics Ground Controllers in Mission Control Houston successfully completed an operation to remove a failed Main Bus Switching Unit-3 and replace it with a spare. The MBSU in question had failed on April 29 and reduced the station�s power supply by about 25%. There […]

Martian Dust Could Help Explain Water Loss, Plus Other Learnings From Global Storm

By window 0 Comment May 2, 2019

NASA – Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) logo. May 2, 2019 Dust is not just a household nuisance; it�s a planetary one, particularly on Mars. Before astronauts visit the Red Planet, we need to understand how the dust particles that often fill the atmosphere could impact them and their equipment. The global Martian dust storm of […]

Observing Gaia from Earth to improve its star maps

By window 0 Comment May 2, 2019

ESA – Gaia Mission patch. 2 May 2019 While ESA�s Gaia mission has been surveying more than one billion stars from space, astronomers have been regularly monitoring the satellite�s position in the sky with telescopes across the world, including the European Southern Observatory in Chile, to further refine Gaia�s orbit and ultimately improve the accuracy […]

Astronauts Relax Today Before Robotics Work and Dragon Cargo Mission

By window 0 Comment May 1, 2019

ISS – Expedition 59 Mission patch. May 1, 2019 The Expedition 59 astronauts are off-duty today relaxing before the planned launch and capture of the SpaceX Dragon resupply ship this weekend. In Mission Control, robotics engineers are preparing to swap a failed power distributor outside the International Space Station. On April 29, the space station […]

NASA and Blue Origin Help Classrooms and Researchers Reach Space

By window 0 Comment May 1, 2019

NASA logo. May 1, 2019 �We are now on the verge of giving students and teachers the ability to build and fly affordable experiments in space. When teachers are this excited about putting experiments in space, their students can�t help but get excited about space, too.� Image above: As human explorers venture to the Moon […]