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How to reset Drupal 8 administrator password using phpMyAdmin?

By window 0 Comment August 27, 2018

This post describes in brief the steps to reset the Drupal 8 administrator password in case you forget them. Writing down passwords are a big no no, and no matter how hard we try to remember passwords, sometimes, we may miss it, especially if you have various different password for different systems. And forgetting passwords […]

How to create Taxonomy term jump menu using Views in Drupal 7?

By window 0 Comment December 10, 2017

We all know Drupal uses Taxonomies – which consists of Vocabularies and Terms. Each taxonomy terms have taxonomy pages which lists all the articles tagged with that taxonomy term. Drupal Views has "Jump Menu" as Display Format, using which we can built "Jump Menu" consisting of taxonomy terms which when clicked will take use to […]

How to resolve Drupal unable to send email – contact the site administrator?

By window 0 Comment November 16, 2017

In earlier versions of Drupal or for that matter even WordPress, the site could send email notifications easily using the PHP mail function. However, most hosts have disabled the default mail function due to security and vulnerability reasons. Therefore, emails will not go. This is not a Drupal issue as the same issue we see […]

Drupal 8 Tips: Display only one image from multifield image on teaser

By window 0 Comment October 30, 2017

On Drupal 8, there is a useful feature in Views Module (now in Core) settings called "Multiple field settings" with which we can display only one image from multifield image on teaser. As seen in the image above, each of the content has multiple images but only one is displayed in the teasers. Read more […]

How to receive emails from website using contact forms?

By window 0 Comment June 30, 2017

Contact Forms are great to let website visitors contact you for any queries or for specific purpose. Contact Forms are found on most websites nowadays. When we build a website, we usually include a �Contact form" on the website for users to contact us. Once we buy a domain and hosting services from a service […]

How to download a website from live server to development local server?

By window 0 Comment June 3, 2017

In this post, we shall see how to download a website from live server to development local computer. I will be using a Drupal website as an example. On the local machine, I am running XAMPP stack on Windows. But the process would generally be the same for any other CMS or website for that […]

How to add a site hit/visit counter to Drupal website?

By window 0 Comment April 27, 2017

Looking for site hit counters to add to your Drupal website? Have you tired out some modules already? Some feel that there is no need to add site hit counters while some feel they should add. It's all up to you. Many websites still do. And though there are other ways to monitor site visits […]

How to add AddThis Social Media sharing tools to Drupal site?

By window 0 Comment April 23, 2017

If you own a blog or website, Social Media sharing tools are must-have these days as one cannot ignore tons of users on Social Media. Most internet users nowadays have Social Media account be it Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or any other social media platforms. And as a blogger or owners of websites, we cannot […]

How To Disable Drupal “Create New Account” Link or Tab If Using Profile2 Registration Path ?

By window 0 Comment April 4, 2017

The default Drupal login page at /user/login shows three tabs – Login, Create New Account and Request Password. Using the tabs, a visitor can either login, create a new account or request password. If visitors cannot create accounts on the Drupal website themselves, then the "Create new account" link or tab can be disabled easily […]

Drupal Tips – How to redirect user to Drupal frontpage after login

By window 0 Comment March 27, 2017

Drupal usually redirects a user after login to the account information page. But if you would like users to redirect to the Drupal Frontpage after login, the this post is just about that. In this Drupal Tips , we shall discuss how to redirect user to Drupal Frontpage after login. Read more �