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WordPress: How to display only limited number of most popular tags in WordPress Tag Cloud and keep same font size?

By window 0 Comment April 27, 2019

In WordPress, there is a widget called "Tag Cloud" which displays the Tags used in posts. This is useful when we want to display a list of Tags in widget areas so that visitors can quickly find related posts by Tag. In this post, we shall see – How to limit the number of most […]

Solution for: Error: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress

By window 0 Comment September 29, 2018

On some clients' website built using WordPress, there was this error: Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use WordPress If you also have a WordPress website where you are seeing the error "Cookies are blocked or not supported by your browser. You must enable cookies to use […]

How to add custom ads.txt to Blogger / WordPress / Other websites?

By window 0 Comment May 2, 2018

What is Ads.txt ? Authorized Digital Sellers, or ads.txt is an IAB initiative that helps ensure that the digital ad inventory is only sold through sellers you identify as authorized. Creating your own ads.txt file gives you more control over who is allowed to sell ads on your website and helps prevent counterfeit inventory from […]

How to stop spam subscribers on WordPress email subscribe form?

By window 0 Comment April 9, 2018

Email subscription forms are very essential for any website to let visitors subscribe to new contents. Email subscription forms will also let website owners collect emails which can be used for online marketing. However, mail subscribe forms may also attract a lot of spam subscribers. In this post, we shall see how to stop spam […]

Useful WordPress PLugin to resolve HTTPS insecure content and mixed content warnings on WordPress

By window 0 Comment November 24, 2017

Nowadays, most recent browsers expect websites to have HTTPS in the URL, meaning SSL certificate installed on server, which makes websites which used to be accessible over simple, insecure HTTP protocol to more secured HTTPS. In one of the previous post -I posted about "How to fix partially encrypted/mixed content errors after switching from HTTP […]

Remove or modify Copyright From WordPress Free Theme’s Child Theme Footer

By window 0 Comment November 19, 2017

Remove or modify Copyright or credit links from WordPress Theme's Child Theme Footer? The title seems a little confusing, but what I mean is if you want to remove or modify the copyright link in the footer of a child theme whose parent theme is a WordPress Theme wherein the creators allow editing or removing […]

Some steps to prevent Open Source CMS websites from hacking

By window 0 Comment November 16, 2017

Some factors that makes Open Source CMS vulnerable to hacking attacks: Read more �

Drupal 8 Tips: Display only one image from multifield image on teaser

By window 0 Comment October 30, 2017

On Drupal 8, there is a useful feature in Views Module (now in Core) settings called "Multiple field settings" with which we can display only one image from multifield image on teaser. As seen in the image above, each of the content has multiple images but only one is displayed in the teasers. Read more […]

How to access a website that shows “Your connection is not secure”?

By window 0 Comment August 1, 2017

When I browse a website I see “Your connection is not secure”. What to do?If you are trying to access a website served on HTTP then most probably you would see “Your connection is not secure” or “Your connection is not private”. In some cases, the reason for the error could be due to the […]

How to add a responsive slider on OSCLASS website (using contributed OSCLASS Slider plugin)?

By window 0 Comment June 5, 2017

Sliders or Slideshows are dynamic elements usually displayed in home page of websites. Usually with a catchy background image and phrases, they grab attention. They are great additions to any websites to add more aesthetics to websites. Since they are dynamic, websites look more grand and alive. They can also be used to display important […]